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009 | Interview with Deirdre McLoughlin

Show Notes

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  • 00:23 Intro

  • 00:45 Our guest - Deirdre McLoughlin, DPT

  • 00:58 Deirdre’s overview of her rowing, coaching, and career as a physical therapist

  • 02:00 Goal is to dive into the physical aspects of coxing and what we can do to take care of ourselves

  • 03:03 Coxswains' physical needs are often ignored and coxes can feel badly about asking for help

  • 04:38 What can we do to prepare for boat check - positioning and core strength

  • 07:19 Talking about the common ‘forward hunch’ - the need to stretch

  • 09:56 Try to shift some of that coxswain ‘selflessness’ to some self care - we’re not doing anyone any favors by being injured or in pain

  • 10:24 Candid talk about pain and discomfort

  • 12:57 Suggestions on how to help prevent or minimize issues in a stern-loader 

  • 18:09 Remember: the spine loves movement

  • 19:32 Talking about numbness/tingling - pay attention

  • 23:37 Bowloader challenges

  • 24:24 Don’t be afraid to communicate with your coach and boat-person

  • 25:41 Understand that you are an athlete

  • 28:02 ‘Undoing’ exercises/stretches - how to work them into your life

  • 31:30 Mental fatigue and health - important to do something that you enjoy

  • 33:09 Breana shares her dislike of heavy physical exertion - and what she does

  • 35:20 Anne’s strategy to incorporate some physical self-care

  • 36:47 ‘World’s greatest stretch - (‘Warrior II meets game of ‘Twister’)

  • 39:26 How Deirdre supports coxswains

  • 43:14 Observations about why some coaches don’t actively support coxes - and how to possibly change that

  • 44:43 Review of the importance of understanding you’re an athlete and being your own advocate (if needed)

  • 48:10 PDF handouts of exercises can found at

  • 49:04 Contact information:

  • 49:35 Quick Pick - hot showers and anything else that helps us recover from our physical role

  • 49:46 Shout-out - to our growing and global audience

  • 50:46 Closing

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