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Coxswain, Host, and Founder of CoxPod 

Breana started coxing at the University of Pittsburgh in 2011. Through sharing a boathouse with Three Rivers Rowing Association, she discovered the masters coxing scene, and continued to cox for a masters team after moving to Washington, DC for graduate school. While there, she started coaching a high school team, feeling that she was ready to share her knowledge and give back to the sport by supporting young coxswains and rowers in their development. Breana's coxing endeavors have taken her across the country and around the world, and she keeps coxing because she's sure there's always more for her to learn and improve on. In her non-rowing life she is a psychology professor, and is currently living in Oklahoma City.



Coxswain, Host, Project Manager, and Chief Wrangler

Anne is a genuine product of central Massachusetts who grew up thinking that real adventures involved going out into the woods in raging blizzards with her younger brother tied to her waist. Now she thinks adventures involve people who hardly know each other jumping into carbon fiber boats and racing like there's lightning on the horizon. She first encountered rowing in shells around 2005 when she moved to the shores of Lake Quinsigamond. Rowing has provided her a first chance at a team sports (unless you consider marching band a team sport). When not coxing, she can be found in a single enjoying the solitude and being keenly aware of the deep challenges of the rowing stroke.  She is watchfully waiting and carefully preparing for the time when she meets several large boat designers and talks with them about the fact that their cox seats are completely inadequate (and painful) for anyone who has given birth to 3 children.

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