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010 | Practice Management

Show Notes

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(photo courtesy of Hope Wilkinson)


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  • 00:23 Intro

  • 00:52 Why we should care about this topic and a overview of key skills

  • 01:43 You will deploy practice management skills on almost a daily basis - it’s one of the most critical coxswain skills

  • 03:54 Building these skills can help us achieve the team’s goals as well as our own

  • 05:01 Understanding team goals informs how we manage practices

  • 07:02 The choices we make move us toward - or away from - the goals 

  • 07:12 What to do if the team’s goals don’t align with your personal goals

  • 08:22 Your preparation before the practice starts

  • 10:13 Getting your rowers prepared

  • 13:04 Pre-practice communication with the coach

  • 17:16 Getting down to the dock and launching

  • 20:15 Warm-ups and meeting together before the workouts begin

  • 23:40 The importance of making sure all the rowers participate in drill - spread the work out equally among all the rowers

  • 25:21 Checking equipment during practices - include times for that

  • 30:02 Working alongside other boat during a practice - communication between coxes is essential

  • 31:51 Suggestions on how to keep boats together when one is faster/slower than the other

  • 37:10 Docking - before reaching the dock and while on the dock

  • 41:04 Time management  - a fundamental component

  • 41:30 Getting the equipment put away - keep your rowers responsible 

  • 44:27 Quick pick - coxswain tool kit (unusual items we carry and why)

  • 46:10 Shout-out - to Anne for ‘wrangling’ CoxPod

  • 46:37 Closing 

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