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012 | Wet launching & landing
Show Notes

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(photo courtesy of Hope Wilkinson)


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  • 00:23 Intro

  • 00:49 There are many benefits to beach/wet launching  - you have creative freedom

  • 02:40 Preparation is key - look at/study the water situation and ask people who have launched from there before

  • 03:28 Shoes are an important consideration

  • 04:19 Are you at a lake or the ocean

  • 05:07 Inform rowers beforehand that they will be wet launching - need water shoes of some sort and appropriate clothing for afterwards 

  • 06:59 Staying warm and dry after a wet launch - wool is a good choice; bring a towel to dry off

  • 08:33 Bring a sponge or bailer of some sort to dump water out of the boat

  • 09:48 More on some creative ways you can beach launch

  • 10:28 Must keep in mind the slope and water depth

  • 11:39 It’s perfectly acceptable to be carried into the boat in order to avoid getting cold and wet - you might also want to be the first person getting in the boat (instead of the last)

  • 13:40 Getting yourself and rowers in the boat is quite different - some sequencing considerations and suggestions

  • 15:03 The importance of keeping the oar handles clean and dry 

  • 15:54 When do you extend the oars? The oars are a major factor in a Beach/Wet launch

  • 18:25 More details about how to sequence rowers/cox getting into the boat

  • 19:08 Being vigilant about the fin/skeg and the weight of the boat once the rowers get in

  • 21:10 Other benefits of wet launching - easier for some rowers to get into the boat 

  • 22:40 Landing and the example of the San Diego Crew Classic site

  • 23:16 Landing - what happens if the water is too dark to see through 

  • 25:26 Boat gets lighter as rowers get out - and don’t pull the oars across as rowers get out

  • 26:30 Beach/wet launching and landing in a bowloader 

  • 28:23 Recapping key points: clothing/shoes and what you need to bring; the change in how the rowers getting into and out of the boat

  • 31:25 Quick Pick/Shout Out combination - ‘Let’s Talk Coxing’ YouTube channel and blog

  • 32:26 Closing 

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