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013 | Landing
Show Notes

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  • 00:23 Intro

  • 01:42 You must ALWAYS respect mass - you’re trying to attach a vessel in a fluid reactive medium to a large solid object

  • 02:20 A bit of wisdom from Sally - coxswains only get to practice docking once every practice whereas rowers get to practice thousands of strokes

  • 03:45 First step is evaluating environmental factors you need to consider - docking pre-work

  • 04:41 Understanding your crew and its capabilities - how responsive they are affects your calls

  • 07:48 What happens when rowers try to insert themselves into the landing process 

  • 09:18 The importance of landing at the appropriate time

  • 11:19 The impact of rain

  • 12:06 Dealing with currents and wind

  • 15:10 Docking at your home site versus another venue (e.g. at a regatta)

  • 18:30 What about people on the dock helping?  Pros and cons and how to handle this..

  • 24:50 We each describe our ideal docking scenario - how we prefer to execute landings

  • 33:19 More safety considerations - especially watch those hands 

  • 36:00 Equipment can be replaced - people cannot

  • 37:07 Special scenarios and challenges - wind; ending up with the dock just outside the grasp of the crew

  • 40:27 It’s ok to back up and try again

  • 41.08 Chuck Yeager quotes

  • 42:07 Landing on tall floating docks 

  • 45:53 Quick Pick - thanking people who have helped us land

  • 46.18 Shout Out - each and every successful landing

  • 46:34 Closing

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