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014 | Interview with Abby Peck
Show Notes

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  • 00:23 Intro

  • 01:06 Sally introduces our guest – Abby Peck 

  • 02:30 Abby tells us more about herself and her rowing/coxing/coaching experiences

  • 03:05 Abby’s unique perspective as an Olympic rower and someone who found a way to coach and nurture coxswains

  • 03:45 Abby talks about how coxswains are integral to a crew

  • 05:15 Abby’s perspective on the importance of different learning styles and using different ways to improve communication

  • 07:28 Coaching coxswains is critical to a crew’s success

  • 08:06 The benefits of precision and discipline

  • 09:15 Abby describes some of her time as a coxswain

  • 11:22 How coxswains can facilitate better practices

  • 14:20 Abby describes her coaching style and how she includes kinesthetic work

  • 19:52 Abby talks about what sort of coxswain she preferred as a rower and the impact great coxswains had

  • 23:20 More about why it’s important that coxswains consider the different ways that individual rowers respond

  • 25:01 The value of joining off-water training and actually rowing/erging and doing pieces

  • 26:31 Abby shares a story of the positive difference 1 cox made during a World Championship race

  • 29:41 What makes Abby excited as a coach

  • 31:26 What Abby hopes rowers and coxswains get from the sport – a sense of having expanded themselves thru the sport

  • 33:05 Sally and Abby talk about what their relationship has meant for their careers

  • 36.41 Shout Out – to coaches who have mentored us

  • 37:02 Quick Pick – what is the most helpful feedback that a coach has given us

  • 39:53 Closing 

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