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016 | Head Racing: Prep to Chute
Show Notes

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(photo courtesy of Hope Wilkinson)


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  • 00:23 Intro

  • 00:49 This episode is about head racing - from prep to the chute 

  • 02:23 We’ve identified we’re going to a head race - now what

  • 01:50 Logistical considerations - not all coxes have the same responsibilities (e.g. registration; reserving equipment; clarifying transportation; bringing ancillary tools/equipment)

  • 05:07 Conveying event information to crew (e.g. parking; where and when to meet at the event) 

  • 05:31 Cox-specific planning (e.g. tools; coxbox with extra battery if possible; wiring; appropriate clothing) 

  • 07:03 Importance of pre-race prep and studying - especially important with head races! Rules can change from year-to-year, so don’t assume you know the course. 

  • 09:26 Race packet / online videos / noting events before and after yours / your bow # and adjacent competitors

  • 13:03 Knowing your crew and any medical issues they might have

  • 14:53 Packing on race day - additional items each of us brings (weather-appropriate clothing; binoculars; watch; recording device)

  • 17:33 What we actually bring in the boat (how much we pare down)

  • 19:10 Quote: ‘Knowledge weighs nothing. Carry all you can.’

  • 20:24 Coaches and coxswains meeting (Sally’s advisory re: caffeine)

  • 21:57 What we each want to make sure happens the morning of the race (e.g. getting the race packet/bow #; pull out slings/mark where tent can go; scout out the course; unstrapping boats) 

  • 26:14 Breana’s story of why she checks the steering mechanism

  • 29:15 Other things we check (e.g. heel ties; location of the seat with the magnet; bow ball; wiring and cox box functionality; pitch) 

  • 32:22 Pre-race meeting with the crew and how we each handle it

  • 36:12 Planning time for the inevitable bathroom run

  • 37:54 Assessing the launch situation and possible wait time

  • 38:27 What elements go into deciding when to launch

  • 41:59 What we each do during the travel to the start area

  • 44:51 Advisory about what to do - and not do - near the start line 

  • 48:33 The marshalling area and how to handle that

  • 51:05 How we each deal with race anxiety/nerves/excitement

  • 55:35 Quick Pick - musings on coach and coxswain meetings

  • 58:16 Shout Out - Breana’s partner, Will (for his ongoing support and suggestions)

  • 58:58 Closing

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