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023 | Coxing an Erg Race
Show Notes

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(photo courtesy of Hope Wilkinson)


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  • 00:23  Intro

  • 00:44  This episode is about coxing an erg race

  • 01:41  The hosts’ experiences with coxing erg races

  • 03:09  Erg races vary in length

  • 04:00  Differences between on-water and erg races

  • 05:12  Rowers have different motivations for competing, which shapes how you cox them

  • 07:03  Erg competitions allow you to focus on just one rower

  • 08:07  Rowers are under more pressure when erging alone, as opposed to being in a team boat

  • 09:06  Developing a race plan beforehand with your rower

  • 12:03  Rowers can see their data on the erg, but you can help them interpret it

  • 13:19  Preparation before and on the day of the race

  • 16:27  Specific considerations for lightweight weigh-ins

  • 17:22  Dealing with the anxiety of rowers at an erg race

  • 18:40  Don’t forget to take care of yourself as a coxswain on race day

  • 19:49  The physical layout of erg races: warming up, queuing, etc.

  • 22:27  Things to look for at the start of the race (i.e., deviations from the race plan)

  • 26:12  What to do if the rower stops mid-race, breaks down in tears, or yells at you

  • 33:17  Psyching up a rower who is afraid of their own strength

  • 34:10  Motivating a rower who is close to a top finish but has stagnated mid-race

  • 38:28  Dealing with the fact that each competitor finishes the race at a different time

  • 40:35  What to do after the race is over

  • 45:55  Being an “event coxswain” where you support any attending rowers who need a cox

  • 46:59  Specifics of coxing an intra-team 2k test

  • 49:55  Episode recap

  • 51:25  Quick Pick: music we do not want to erg to

  • 53:05  Shout Out: to the rowers who invite us to cox their erg races

  • 54:00  Closing

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