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008 | Receiving Feedback

Show Notes

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  • 00:23 Intro

  • 01:36 We have individual ways of both giving and receiving feedback

  • 02:34 The importance of being able to receive feedback even if it feels very uncomfortable 

  • 03:13 Ways to handle receiving feedback and figuring out if it’s personal or not

  • 05:41 Coxing has subjective aspects and that can lead to vague feedback

  • 06:38 Need to be aware of the circumstances under which you’re receiving feedback

  • 07:10 Personality styles have a big impact - listen to Episode 003

  • 08:16 Examples from each of us of how our personality types affects how we received and deal with feedback and the value in having some planned responses

  • 15:55 Rowers sometimes give feedback when they’re in an anaerobic state - it’s still important to receive it

  • 19:49 Don’t forget - feedback can be positive, too

  • 21:21 If you blame something - or someone - else, you could miss the chance to improve

  • 23:07 Example: dealing with criticism when swerving to avoid debris

  • 27:29 Examples: feedback from officials at regattas

  • 30:15 Getting contradictory requests from rowers

  • 37:13 Importance of soliciting feedback - verbal and written

  • 43:42 Verbal and non-verbal feedback

  • 48:37 Physical feedback from the boats we sit in

  • 49:48 Breana’s example of receiving feedback from a crew - how hard, but useful, it was

  • 53:54 If you want to improve, you must be open to feedback

  • 54:38 More about receiving - and responding to - feedback at regattas

  • 1:00:07 Receiving - and soliciting - feedback from coaches

  • 1:02:50 If someone’s offering feedback, it’s a sign of hope

  • 1:04:00 Shout out

  • 1:05:07 Quick pick - coxswains complimenting each other (listen to us compliment one another) 

  • 1:08:53 Closing

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