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011 | launching
Show Notes

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(photo courtesy of Hope Wilkinson)


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  • 00:23 Intro

  • 00:45 A lot of us focus more on docking/landing, but we strive to optimize launching - it doesn’t usually get a lot of discussion 

  • 02:07 Taking a chronological approach - importance of assessing the environment first

  • 03:34 Importance of minimizing the amount of time rowers are holding/carrying the boat

  • 05:09 There are often long walks to the launching area - what to consider and perhaps asking for help

  • 06:14 A temporary injury to a 23-year-old can become a permanent injury to a 55-year-old 

  • 07:35 When carrying the boat, do we ‘bunch up’ the rowers or spread them out

  • 09:18 Strategies for rowers of very different heights (when carrying the boat)

  • 10:44 Dealing with uneven terrain/hills and slopes (steep angles)

  • 13:47 Things are always changing, so don’t be afraid to problem solve and try something new

  • 15:07 Importance of not having the boat move until the coxswain has completed an environmental scan

  • 17:53 Where do/should coxswains position themselves when the boat is in motion 

  • 20:40 Strategies for dealing with carrying the boat long distances and/or waiting for long periods of time (e.g. at regattas)

  • 25:05 On the dock - getting the boat into the water

  • 26:00 Sally has rowers pause at waists when rolling the boat into the water and push the inside gunnel down to protect the skeg

  • 27:21 How do you react when the rowers botch some part of getting the boat into the water

  • 29:25 The importance of teaching ‘boat handling’ as a critical part of the sport

  • 31:03 Where do you place yourself as the boat is being lowered into the water

  • 33:44 Sally shares a way to get the boat into the water without going over heads

  • 36:44 How to manage the scramble for oars after the boat is in the water

  • 39:21 Don’t forget to check the oars and oarlocks before leaving the dock

  • 40:46 Different techniques for pushing off the dock

  • 46:33 Sally talks us thru how to do a ‘standing shove’

  • 51:49 It’s essential to make sure the stern has cleared the dock safely

  • 53:55 Quick Pick - the Zoom whiteboard we used when prepping for this episode

  • 55:04 Shout-out - to Deirdre McLoughlin - our guest on Episode 009

  • 55:59 Closing 

  • 56:54 BONUS - short story of boat magic in Massachusetts USA ~ ‘Once upon a time…’

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