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019 | Interview with Linda Guida
Show Notes

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  • 00:25 Intro

  • 00:51 Sally explains why she is hoarse on the day of recording this episode

  • 02:14 Anne introduces Linda Guida – rower and certified speech-language pathologist

  • 02:55 Linda tells us about her rowing and professional background

  • 03:45   Linda describes speech-language pathologist training  

  • 04:49 What the laryngeal system does: respiration, phonation, closing off the airway to prevent choking, support when lifting something

  • 05:43 Some things that can cause voice issues and how coxing can set us up for issues

  • 06:42 What are the warning signs of vocal abuse and description of what happens to the vocal cords (vocal folds) during vocalization

  • 07:28 Calluses are helpful on rowers’ hands – are they helpful on vocal cords? No.

  • 08:35 Extreme circumstances can cause long-term damage

  • 09:52 How to effectively project our voices – it is essential to have a functioning cox box

  • 10:52 The challenge of breathing properly due to the physical positions we’re in as coxswains

  • 12:08 What happens when the cox box ‘dies’ – how far can we project our voices and what to do when it does

  • 15:42 Discussion about the additional stresses on our voices at regattas and some mitigation ideas

  • 18:44 Whispering does NOT help save our voices – it’s just as bad as talking

  • 19:01 Vocal rest means complete vocal rest – not talking at all = silence

  • 21:20 Breana inserts an update about a recent article on whether or not caffeine has negative effects on the voice of health individuals (good news for Sally!)

  • 22:43 More suggestions on preserving our voices at regattas

  • 24:36 Discussion about doing vocal warmup

  • 26:10 What to do if you think you have a vocal issue

  • 29:28 Vocal nodules are generally highly treatable

  • 30:03 Summary of topics covered

  • 31:14 Linda’s message to coxswains about how having functioning cox boxes is ESSENTIAL

  • 32:25 Linda’s #1 comment: stop yelling – our voice is our tool and we need to preserve it

  • 33:45 Quick Pick – carry an extra (charged) battery if your cox box is designed for swap out

  • 34:53 Shout Out – a book: This Is The Voice by John Colapinto

  • 36:30 Linda’s contact information

  • 37:24 Closing

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