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018 | Maneuvering
Show Notes

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(photo courtesy of Hope Wilkinson)


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  • To see a graphical representation of how different maneuvers affect the radius of a turn, check out this image



  • 00:23 Intro

  • 00:48 What we’re covering (and not covering) in this episode  - we focus on movements that don’t involve the use of the rudder

  • 01:36 We’ll have a separate mini-episode on getting into stakeboats/starting pontoons

  • 02:08 We imagine a 4+ in a swimming pool!

  • 02:57 The directions the boat can move: side to side; preferentially moving bow and stern; and ‘roll’  

  • 04:30 Components we have to work with, including the shell itself, oars, and the people in the boat

  • 05:40 Holding water/checking it down

  • 10:42 You can practice some maneuvers during practices

  • 11:36 The example of when a crew is stopped and all lean to listen to the coach in a launch

  • 12:25 Sculling it around - changing position of boat without moving forward or back

  • 14:48 Turning/pivoting the boat (while stationary)

  • 18:53 Backing a boat - how oars should be turned when backing; keep that rudder straight (in a neutral position); challenges of everything being reversed when backing

  • 26:39 Bringing boats together (e.g., when swapping rowers between boats)

  • 33:00 How to have rowers switch seats in the same boat (climbing over)

  • 37:27 How to bring a launch up to a shell safely

  • 40:57 Towing a launch when its motor dies

  • 43:33 Summary of episode topics

  • 44:19 Quick Pick - all reliable, responsive rowers who help us execute these maneuvers

  • 44:57 Shout Out - to Breana for ideas, editing and social media expertise (among other things)

  • 46:09 Closing and reminder about future mini-episode on stakeboats

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