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021 | Would You Rather (Coxswain Edition)
Show Notes

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  • 00:23  Intro

  • 00:48  CoxPod is celebrating 1 year! We share some stats

  • 01:42  Setup of Would You Rather game

  • 03:16  WYR: Cox in a language where you have a limited vocabulary, or cox a complicated head race you haven’t prepared for?

  • 05:13  WYR: Have the boat levitate to and from the dock, or be guaranteed the best line in every head race?

  • 07:53  WYR: Have boat speakers that never go out, or always know the exact distances in a race?

  • 09:05  WYR: Be disqualified for violating an unfair and biased rule, or for defending your teammates?

  • 11:33  WYR: Have a rower's seat pop off, or an oarlock open during a race?

  • 13:32  WYR: Cox a sweep or sculling boat?

  • 15:59  WYR: Cox a boat that is never off-set, or a boat that never has check?

  • 18:12  WYR: Cox in torrential pouring rain, or in ridiculously high/variable wind?

  • 20:28  WYR: Cox a bowloaded starboard-rigged bucket 4, or a port-stroked double-bucket 8?

  • 24:12  WYR: Cox an experienced boat that doesn’t listen, or row a head race 6k twice?

  • 25:14  WYR: Have the ability to read rowers’ minds, or to always know the right technical call to make to fix something in the boat?

  • 27:08  WYR: Cox a head race or a sprint race?

  • 28:04  WYR: Have an 8 of rowers of widely varying heights, or widely varying skill levels?

  • 30:29  WYR: Cox a bowloaded 8, or center-coxed 8 where you’re sitting between 4 and 5 seat?

  • 32:46  WYR: Race in an out-of-control headwind, or an out-of-control tailwind?

  • 34:45  WYR: Never forget your cox box, or have a cox box that never loses its charge?

  • 38:03  WYR: Have a successful competitive season with a horrible coach, or with a fractious team constantly at odds with each other?

  • 39:50  WYR: When racing in a bowloader, deal with an intense glare from the sun, or deal with the bow of the boat cracking apart as you race?

  • 42:53  WYR: Always be late to the start line of a race, or always get stopped by the TSA when you’re traveling with your coxing equipment?

  • 47:20  What skill would each host like to work on in the coming year?

  • 49:20  Quick Pick: What is the one thing that stands out to each host as we reflect on the past year?

  • 52:13  Shout Out: To each other and our listeners

  • 54:52  Closing

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